Section is a creative unit based in Singapore. We specialise in situations that get out of hand, adversities to serve our growth and occasions that bestow us the chances to rise above them.

Over here, we seek pleasure (for a lack of a better word than fun) in making up compelling ideas & connections for your brands and narrating them through technology and user-focused design with a strong emphasis on mobile-first approach.

Be it digital strategies, new media manipulation or mind-blowing underhand tactics; when it comes to winning, we take no prisoners. Succumbing to social conformity is out of the question and defeat will not be an option.
“Don't fight for everything. Just fight for victory.”
Ryan Ho-E (Project Manager)
“I want to make things, not make meetings.”
Nelson Lee (Business Director)
“The power of imagination makes us infinite.”
Roy Lin (Art Director)
“Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, to the radio.”
Eugene Boey (Art Director)
Yong Zhen (Tech)
Letitia Gayle (Jnr Project Manager)
Michelle Tan (Art Director)
“breathe, feel, let go”
Cheryl Tan (Creative storyteller)
We are not mercenaries but for new mission(businesses),
you may solicit aid from Sergeant Lee (Nelson) at:
+65 9382 9218
If you have an important piece of intel to reveal,
a spy you wish to blow up or basically looking for trouble,
you may contact us at
21 Cavan Road
#02-02, SG 209852

1711, 17th Floor. Great China International Exchange Square
Futian District. Shenzhen